Tips For Renting Premium Student Apartments

Premium student apartments offer luxury accommodations and valuable amenities, and you can get into them without spending too much. If you want to live in high style while attending school, these tips will make premium accommodations affordable.

Move in With Roommates

The monthly payment for any apartment can be high if you're renting it on your own, but getting roommates reduces your financial responsibility. Additionally, living with fellow students allows for convenient social fun -- and can be helpful when pulling all-nighters. You can learn from each other if you're in the same classes, or you can simply motivate one another if you aren't.

Each roommate you move in with will reduce your rent proportionately. A single roommate will halve your rent, while two roommates will lessen your responsibility to one-third of the monthly rent. Having five or seven roommates in a sizeable place means you pay only a small percent -- 12.5 percent if you have eight people in the unit -- of the rent.

When deciding how many roommates you want to move in, consider both how many bedrooms there are and how large each bedroom is. You can let other people rent out other bedrooms. You might also want a roommate in your same bedroom if there's enough space.

Get a Place With Wi-Fi

Many premium student apartments come with complimentary Wi-Fi, which can provide substantial savings over the course of an academic year. 

Depending on how much you'd otherwise have to pay for Wi-Fi, you could save tens of dollars a month. That might not sound like much, but saving $30 monthly results in a $300 savings over the course of a 10-month academic year.

Having free Wi-Fi can also help you save money on your cell phone bill. Most schools have free Wi-Fi on campus. With Wi-Fi on campus and at your apartment, you might be able to reduce your cell plan's data amount -- use the Wi-Fi connection rather than your cell plan for browsing, streaming, video chatting and other activities.

Reducing your cell phone plan could save just as much as avoiding a Wi-Fi bill, depending on Wi-Fi costs in the area and your plan's monthly fee. Another $300 savings in an academic year might pay for a month's rent, plane tickets to go home, or a spring break holiday.

Prioritize Amenities the School Doesn't Have

Premium apartment complexes offer many different amenities. Prioritize the ones that your school doesn't already offer students. For example, a business center at the complex might be more important than a gym. Many schools offer free gyms, but they may charge for printing.

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Premium student apartments offer luxury accommodations and valuable amenities, and you can get into them without spending too much. If you want to liv